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The FootKnob™

The Why And How

I spent years having to set a tray of meat down on the way to the barbecue grill, then twisting the door knob to open the door, picking the tray back up to carry it outside, again setting it down to pull the door closed, and then picking the tray up once more to head to the grill.  It was for this reason I developed The FootKnob™.


I wanted to streamline it and also make it a lot less conspicuous on a door. I sought after many different materials and readily available parts and pieces. Some worked and are part of this latest version, many others were discarded.


The FootKnob™ is also great for people who are concerned about germs or viruses on door knobs that would have to be touched to be opened. The FootKnob™ is the way to avoid touching a knob to unlatch, open, and close a door. A doctor's or dentist's office, a medical lab, or a hospital is an excellent place for The FootKnob™.



The FootKnob™ is very useful in areas where it is not practical to wash your hands many times a day or to put gloves on and off to avoid oils and chemicals. The FootKnob™ is the solution for unlatching doors in an auto repair shop, manufacturing plant, or a production facility. These are just a few of the many practical examples where The FootKnob™ benefits human beings.

The FootKnob™ is made in the USA. The FootKnob™ outsourced pieces are manufactured only by companies here in the United States.


It is with great pride that I present to you, The FootKnob™.


What is your returns policy?


If you are unhappy with the quality or performance of your FootKnob, call or email us to explain the issue. Hopefully we can resolve any problems you may be having, but if not, we can authorize a refund or replacement.

How do I return an item?


Please contact us via phone or email first, to discuss why you are returning the item. Then, if the kit is complete and unused, and is still in the original box, return it back to us with the postage paid. Once we have received and inspected the product, we will issue a full refund, less the shipping costs, and the cost of any missing or damaged parts. The total refund process may take up to four weeks to complete, depending on how you originally paid for your FootKnob.

Do you provide International delivery?
No, we do not. Sorry. At this point we are just beginning to market our product, but international sales is something we will consider in the future.
What are your delivery options?


Right now we only use the US Postal Service, but we will start using UPS and FedEx in the future as well.

How do I track my order?


Once your order has been processed, we will email you the US Postal Service tracking number. You can use this to track the shipment at, about 24 hours after we notify you that the item has been shipped.


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